Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

The Madigan General Surgery Quality Improvement Committee has been and engine for change throughout the hospital.

More than 20 projects have been implemented thus far spanning trauma, general surgery, bariatric surgery, perioperative care, med-surg nursing, and others. Here are just a few of these projects.

Bariatric Center for Excellence

Using best practices, residents created a postoperative pathway in order to standardize and expedite patient discharge after bariatric surgery. This standardization was part of a push that made Madigan a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.

Postoperative Opioid Standardization

Residents created and implemented a postoperative opioid prescribing protocol. Through a multidisciplinary approach, the protocol engaged nursing staff, anesthesia, and outpatient providers to optimize nonopioid analgesic medications while managing patient expectations. Postoperative opioid prescribing has fallen almost 70%.

Nonoperative Management of Small Bowel Obstructions

We created and implemented a multi-departmental plan for nonoperative management of small bowel obstructions. The standardization of this regimen increased safety of medication injection and increased strict compliance with administration, imaging, and interpretation necessary.

Standardized Treatment of the Pregnant Trauma Patient

In coordination with our trauma director and department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, we created a guide to assist in the rapid triage and treatment of pregnant trauma patients. The published guide decreased ED confusion, reduced over utilization of on-call OB resident manpower, and increased the accuracy of emergent OB consultation.