About the Alumni Association

A cyber-home for the
Madigan General Surgery family

Welcome to the Alumni Association’s website! I envisioned this as a cyber-home for all those who have passed through these hallowed halls, and as a stepping-off-point for all those who want to become a part of our story. As an introduction to those new to the Madigan Family, our motto says it all:

Nesika Tl’kope Delate

While this says We Cut! in Chinook Jargon, in the same breath it means We Cut Straight, We Cut True, We Cut Directly, and We Cut Without Equivocation. At Madigan General Surgery we mean to invoke the manifold meanings of our motto in all that we do.

With those words as my true North, I’ve successfully navigated my professional carrier at Madigan, first as a General Surgery resident, then as an active duty surgeon, and presently as a civilian. Please look around this site, travel to Madigan, learn about us and learn from us – I’m confident you’ll learn to love this place as I do!

Preston Carter, MD, FACS
President and Founder of Madigan General Surgery Alumni Association

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